Saturday, November 24, 2018

In a hurry

I need to get out of this feeling that there is not much time left,
in the day,
in the hour,
or in my life,
or in the race's lifetime etc,

I want to be able to let time engulf me
and expand itself
Let me give you an example at this point,

say you have got a new shoe,
it is too tight for you
and you get shoe bites,
day 1 is bad,
day 2 is bad
day 3 is bad
day 4 is bad
then slowly slowly your feet start telling the shoe how to be.
or the shoe tells your feet how to be.
and you make peace with each other and live with each other.

in that manner is the equation between you and time,
slowly slowly you make your peace with time.

Do not say to me that you are unable to do so,
Because that is something you must do
and so, there is no getting away.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Doubt and faith

While many among us find it difficult to live without faith, there are many among us who are riddled by doubt. People with faith tend to be stronger because they are always in a group. Belief gets fortified if many believe.
Doubters can be strong but they are seldom happy or at peace.
I read about the last days of a o Hume about how he had a perfectly peaceful and happy end despite being a disbeliever all his life. I feel that was possible because though he didn’t believe in a god Hume believed in humanity he believed in his thoughts and these beliefs gave him peace. We are a in a difficult situation these days as belief in even these things are on shaky ground. Now the believers are having a laugh at the misery of the doubters, who are willing to believe in anything.

Saturday, October 06, 2018

International day of the girl child

This day is particularly significant as it is not only a celebration of the girl child, but also is the time  to acknowledge the need for something, take stock of the progress made so far, and making concrete strategies for tomorrow.
It is a great honour for my company to be a participant of the process.
Complete equality of access is the goal and as corporates, we have a responsibility to facilitate this. We have to ensure that as a people, any kind of dicrimination is unpardonable as we cannot afford to make mistakes as the main drivers of the emerging economy.
If I look around in the job market, I am happy to note that today more than ever the talent pool includes a considerable number of women as men. This is an opportunity to tell the girl child that nothing is impossible, including being leaders. Economy turns out be a stubborn place too, reluctant to let go of the reins.
With the ‘be the ceo/cto/cfo for a day, we want to be a part of the shake-up.


One step at a time
In the dark, walk.


The pains of creating are many
What is your threshold for pain?
Go on,
Don’t you love pain?

Saturday, September 29, 2018

About the heart

The poor heart
Craves so much to belong to someone
Without knowing that it never can

Now the strong heart
Already knows this
And still keeps pumping every second

It does so to keep you alive
It does so because that is the thing it does

Think about how each involuntary organ
Does what it must do

Make every organ in your body an involuntary one.

Friday, September 07, 2018

The last two lines

Say what do you want,
Not to anybody else,
Just to yourself.

Because only you actually know.
If you find yourself trapped in a situation where you are not able to express what you want,
Do not try to rearrange things,
I know it is something you do.
We do that all the time,

Rearrange things so that we can be more comfortable,
and then tell ourselves what we want,
But I know that comfort can teach nothing at all

Do not,

I do not have a problem with liberalism as a point of view,
But all liberals tend to be most liberal with themselves,
And for the sake of liberalism as a point of view,
I'd like to point out, we liberals must be liberal with what we perceive as the other,
That is the true victory of that really small world view,

And every small world view
deserves its true victory

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

About life

right now the most painful thorn in my flesh is my politics. What I need to understand is that there is something above politics in my life and that is love. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018


What love is:
Love is an antidote.
It is a language that a fully developed human has picked up for the survival of the race. 
That is why it is often difficult to talk about or to express it in any other language,
as it too is a language.
That came before the words came to us.
However, I believe if something is needed for the survival of the race, then it is worth a shot,
to invoke all the things that came before words,
to try and feel it, every once in a while,
in this rough world.

What love is not:
Love is not an antidote.
And it will not come if you go to it, as if you would to an antidote.
There is not much left to write about what love is not, because we have been at it for a while now,
explaining to each other what something is not.

So if anyway love is,
how can it not be?

That is all one needs to know to carry on. And I believe each of us knows this, if we are a fully developed human.
so what is there to write about, if you already know this, dear reader.

There is. And there must be,
because this is a language we cannot afford to forget, as a race, and as individuals. So all individuals, who as beings only aim for survival, will remember how to love, because the stories and songs are aimed at ensuring the individual's survival and hence the race's.